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“Good citizens hate to fail, because they are deeply committed to the task before them. They refuse to accept anything but success. This desire to succeed is driven by intense pride, which forms the foundation for successful leadership and character-building. Specifically, every good leader shares five qualities: preparation, respect, integrity, discipline and enthusiasm (PRIDE).”
                                                 (Ret.) General Robert H. Foglesong

In regard to his early foundation, General Foglesong stated:Integrity first is the top core value in the organization I have served for the past 33 years, a fundamental value my parents taught me when I was a young boy in rural Appalachia and caring teachers and mentors reinforced every day at school and in my community.” General Foglesong’s Appalachian PRIDE Program is his aggressive movement to develop Appalachia’s young people toward first-class character preparation, to go forward to become responsible and caring citizens of this great nation in addition to valuable workers in the future workforce.


As part of the vast services provided by ALEF and the mission to expand leadership and character development to Appalachia’s young people, the Appalachian PRIDE Program was established. The program utilizes the Higher Education Fellowship of emerging leaders at campuses in West Virginia’s rural areas. ALEF Fellows will act as ambassadors and mentors of character-building and leadership lessons for middle grades and youth organizations in West Virginia’s most challenging areas.  The program will begin in 2007, impacting nearly 5,000 young West Virginians.

The Pride Program will focus on rural Appalachian middle schools to communicate a curriculum tailored around the acronym PRIDE, ALEF fellows, under the guidance of General Foglesong, will conduct lessons pertaining to their personal journey through the PRIDE expansion.  Each fellow will prepare a presentation and activity in regard to the meaning of Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Enthusiasm in his or her personal path of success.  As ambassadors for the importance of the five qualities, fellows will interact as mentors and guides during the session. The PRIDE message delivered by a successful college student is not only impactful but hopeful. Its significance will be applicable and meaningful from a person who has attained a level of success and is close in age and rural relationship.


No Child Left Behind addresses the need to prepare the next generation for the responsibilities and challenges that always accompany freedom.  In this world of complicated problems that require complicated solutions, we must have some bedrock principles to guide sound decisions.

As part of the United States Department of Education’s mission to "develop safe schools and strong character," the third of six major strategic goals, ALEF is dedicated to supporting this endeavor.  The future is already underway in our schools.  It will be written by the next generation of students.  How they write the future will depend on their knowledge, opportunities, wisdom, compassion, tolerance, vision and character.