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Doc Foglesong  

ROBERT H. FOGLESONG is the President and Executive Director of the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (ALEF), a non-profit operating to identify our next generation of leaders in Appalachia and to support their journey toward academic, leadership, and character excellence. To accomplish this mission, ALEF has operating arrangements with several universities to help sponsor leadership honors programs and sponsors needs based fellowships for extraordinary young men and women across a spectrum of academic majors.

Foglesong has been designated by the President of the United States to be Co-Chairman of the Joint US – Russia Commission on POWs/MIAs, an agency whose purpose is to determine what happened to missing American service members who were taken into former Soviet Union countries. He has been a member of various Boards of Directors.

Previously, Foglesong served as the 18th President of Mississippi State University (MSU) during a period of unprecedented growth in student enrollment, research and development contracts, and economic development across the state of Mississippi. During his tenure, MSU moved forward in every major measure of university success. His tenure was marked by the introduction of numerous innovative concepts to include leadership development programs, distance learning initiatives, and renewed success in national academic and athletic competitions.

Prior to serving as President of MSU, he was nominated by the President, confirmed by the US Senate, and served as a four star general in the US Air Force. In addition to operational assignments around the globe, many of his duties required almost daily interface with members of Congress, the White House, and many governmental interagency offices. Foglesong had CEO responsibilities for field units with budgets up to $3B per year which would have ranked 110th and 430th on the Fortune 500 List.

Foglesong was most often asked to lead and manage large organizations in establishing a sense of relevancy given a constantly changing national and international environment. A significant amount of his time was spent as a national security advisor at Cabinet and Presidential levels.

As a practical matter, Foglesong has spent 35 years in public service with a clear understanding of the role leadership plays in establishing a sense of integrity/ethics, encouraging service above self, and fostering an attitude of excellence. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, his 65 publications cover a range of subjects including technical and leadership topics. A graduate of West Virginia University (BS, MS, PhD), he was a member of Tau Beta Pi and numerous academic and leadership honoraries.

He has accumulated 30 military awards for leadership and technical skills. He has an honorary Doctorate of Strategic Intelligence. He has been honored as a Distinguished Alumni of West Virginia University, selected by the West Virginia Education Alliance as a Graduate of Distinction, and was selected by the West Virginia Executive Magazine as the Patriot of the Year for 2005. He was selected as the Tau Beta Pi distinguished alumni of the year for 2007. He is married to Mary Thrasher Foglesong and has two children – David and Mark. Hobbies include running marathons, collecting slide rules, collecting potato mashers, and public speaking.