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"We believe leadership should extend from the cradle to the chief executive's office, and we believe higher education has a pivotal role to play in fostering leadership skills." - Gen. Foglesong

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Doc Foglesong  Robert  "Doc" Foglesong
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We have assumed the role of leader of the free world – and that’s most of the globe. Our friends see us as the only superpower with the will and the intentions to protect the principles that encourage freedom and opportunity. We are the envy of every nation thatcares about quality of living for its people and about the freedom of its citizens and their capacity to build a better life for themselves.

That reputation didn’t happen without a national commitment to invest in our most valuable resource – our people and in particular the leadership skills of our people. The most fundamental investment any nation can make is educating its citizens – preparing them to excel and pursue excellence in all they do. In the final analysis, our commitment to educating our citizens is designed to cultivate and mature the next generation of leaders who will elevate our nation to even greater heights.
The equation that we are committed to solve to produce our leaders involves two fundamental components – a credible academic education and character development. Those two components – education and character — are the enablers for corporate, governmental,and academic leadership. The greatness of our nation is based on extraordinary leadership, starting with our forefathers, who valued education and character as they delivered freedom and opportunity for us by fighting for it. It was ensured for us in more ways than is possible to count by citizens from across a wide spectrum of talents who committed themselves to excellence, made courageous decisions and were leaders of vision. 

The Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (ALEF) is committed to finding, funding and forging the next greatest generation of leaders by providing them with a credible education and ensuring their character. Our promise to ourselves and to our Fellows is to commit to integrity, service before self and excellence in all we do – to lead by example so our Fellows will have a road map to follow as they move into our workforce and assume the leadership roles that will continue to solidify our position as the most respected nation in the world.

We are fortunate to have a nation full of young men and women who are bright, articulate and motivated to contribute to improving themselves and their communities. ALEF is the engine for their success, as we provide academic, character and leadership opportunities to our Fellows. Our focus will continue to be on young men and women who have credible academic skills and demonstrated leadership qualities and who will need assistance to continue their academic and character growth. Those are the only qualifiers. An additional focus will be on proliferating opportunities for young men and women across a wider spectrum by working with schools and universities to establish forums for character and leadership development.

Thank you for being a partner in this movement to enable and ensure our future.